Welcome to Fitness for Generation X, how to play safe and get fit. In this series we are going to be looking at ways in which GenXers, those in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, can safely improve and maintain their well-being.

Before we get started, let me introduce our special guest, Sarah Jamison, who is passionate about all forms of health and fitness. Sarah will be cutting through a lot of the junk being published about fitness for us middle-aged folks, to give you the real scoop on best practices to keep you healthy and fit. Sarah is going to walk you through everything from fun exercises to using technology to improve your well-being. Take it away, Sarah!

Hello and thank you for the wonderful welcome. I’m so glad to be here.

Are you a card-carrying member of Generation X? I am. If you were born between around 1964 and 1980, then you and I are in the same unique generation. We’re sandwiched between two loudmouth generations. I’m talking about those Baby Boomers, our parents most likely, and the Millennials. They’re large and they get all the attention. We’re kind of like the middle child in the family. No one really pays any attention to us but we’re making changes to the world nonetheless.

Defining Characteristics of Gen X

We’ve often gotten the short end of the stick. We’ve endured recessions. Our parents split up in record numbers and we became latchkey kids. We coined the term. We saw the Berlin wall come down and we watched MTV change how we listened to music and cable changed how we watched television.

We were left on our own to manage our lives and that’s what we’ve done. We’re entrepreneurs. We’re innovators. We’re creative, adaptable, and even though we’re quiet, we’re mighty. We distrust institutions and we believe what we learn and experience for ourselves.

Our Influences, Health, and Fitness

All of these events and influences have changed how we interact with the world and it’s certainly impacted how we take care of our health and fitness. In fact, some say that we’re shaping the health and fitness world – I can tell you that we’re making it better. My name is Maggie Mackenzie and I’m passionate about health and fitness. I’m also a proud member of our generation and dedicated to helping us quiet non-slackers stay happy, healthy, and active for as long as possible.

No Cookie Cutter Approach for Generation X

No single health and fitness program will work for you. You’re independent. You have a busy life, you want to have fun, and you believe that exercise and healthy eating shouldn’t be painful. I’m right there with you! Over the next ten or so blog posts we’re going to talk about how to make it happen – how you can finally create your own well-being program that fits YOUR needs and goals. We’ll talk about social connections, technology, results, exercise programs, fun fitness, delicious foods, and even about your brain. It’s going to be an exciting series and I’m looking forward to connecting, sharing, learning and more.

Until next time,

Sarah Jamison

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