Exercise can be boring or you can use gadgets and tools to make it more interesting – not to mention, more challenging so you get a better workout. One of the best ways to add more to your exercise regimen is to use a step.

Using a step up tool is a popular way to exercise. It was first used and made popular in health clubs because members loved how easy it was to get in a calorie-burning workout with such ease. But you don’t have to belong to a health club to get this great tool and see how it can change your body for the better.

Now you can have it at home with the Step Original Health Club Step. With this piece of equipment, you’ll be able to do the same workout right in the comfort of your home. Using the Step will give your aerobic exercise an edge – and it aids in cardiovascular exercises as well as helping to improve circulation.

The Step can also be used with dance exercises. The Step gets your heart pumping, tones up muscles and is a fast calorie burner. When you have this tool that enhances any exercise workout, you can do everything from the basic step exercise to more complicated moves.

That means that you can grow your routine and keep your metabolism high – plus, by changing up what you can do with the Step, you’ll never again experience a boring workout.

You can change the height of the Step and it can increase the intensity that your workout places on the muscles. The moves that you can do with your Step will vary depending on your routines, but you can easily do lunges, step up, side step, knee lifts and more.

How fast you move with the Step and how high you have it set will determine the rate that you burn the calories. You can set the height of this exercise tool to 4, 6, or 8 inches. The polyethylene that the Step is made of makes it tough and long lasting, so it will be around for plenty of workouts for many years.

Both the platform and the blocks are resistant to slipping and skidding and the top of the Step offers plenty of room and is easy on the joints when you’re doing lunges. Using this for aerobics will give you a great workout and because it’s so easy to use, anyone at any exercise level can get started right away.

The Step is one piece of exercise equipment that won’t take up too much room in your house. You can store it away in a closet or under the bed, and pull it out whenever you want to ramp up your workout.


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