Kettlebell workout tipsThe main thing you want to do when preparing for a kettlebell workout is to have safety in mind before you get started. That’s the rule with any fitness program – if you are putting stress on your body, you want to do it the right way or you risk injury.

With kettlebells, you’re working with a heavy piece of equipment (usually made of cast iron), and pair that with the many swinging or high speed movements and you have a recipe for disaster if you haven’t considered the safety aspect.

Make sure you have plenty of room to perform the exercises. You don’t want to swing a kettlebell and accidentally put a hole in your wall. Slowly move the kettlebell around in all directions to make sure you have plenty of room without the risk of hitting something.

Kettlebell workouts range from basic beginner moves to more advanced strategies. Start with a good foundation in understanding the routines and then escalate your workout to something more.

Because you’ll be holding these weights with your hands and moving them rapidly, you don’t want sweaty palms to cause you to lose control of the kettlebell. Keep the dampness minimized by using a towel frequently – or by wearing workout gloves to help you keep your grip.

Look to a professional for the best kettlebell workout tips. You can take a local class, buy a DVD or even read and see instructions online to help you maneuver the workouts, but instructions are necessary to prevent injury and help you reach your fitness goals.

When you start your training, make sure you begin with a weight that’s manageable for you. Don’t overdo it and start with a kettlebell that’s too heavy because it will actually do more harm than good.

It’s best to have a set of kettlebells where you can change up the weight according to the movement. Some movements may require more repetition and lighter weight, while other slower exercises would be perfect with a heavier weight.

Make sure you rest between sets. You don’t want t o cause injury or burn out before your workout is complete. You want to vary the routines you tackle, too. Doing the exact same movements over and over again means your body isn’t getting the benefit of what the kettlebells can do for you.

You can even alter an exercise slightly to get more out of it. For example, slowing a ballistic movement down to a grinding movement (fast to slow) can help improve your strength and assist you in building a formidable core.

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