Medicine Balls

The Champion Sports Rhino Skin Elite Medicine Ball offers exceptional durability and versatility. Made with a Rhino Skin rubber cover and a hollow air-filled core, this medicine ball is sure to withstand the most intense workouts while maintaining its shape, weight, and bounce.

The textured surface of this weighted ball provides superior grip, making it easy to use during any number of intense cardio or strength training routines. The Champion Sports Rhino Elite Medicine Ball comes in several weights ranging from two pounds to 30 pounds. They all feature the tacky vinyl surface and design, a soft shell construction that maintains shape, and has reinforced seam construction. Continue reading

Boasting a slim line design with an ultra-strong build, the Champion Sports Medicine, Ball Tree is the perfect fitness accessory for any workout studio, in-home or commercial gym, or physical therapy/rehab clinic.

Standing 52” tall and capable of accommodating five medicine balls of varying sizes, this holding rack is a practical, unimposing way to organize your medicine ball collection. The reinforced, sturdy base ensures the tree rack won’t fall over under significant weight and will maintain its integrity over the years.

The Champion Sports gym ball rack is an attractive and convenient way to keep your medicine balls organized, protected, and easily-accessible.

Organize and Protect Your Gear

Exercise Medicine balls are not cheap, so you want to keep them stored securely when not in use. The Champion Sports tree offers a practical solution to holding your workout balls in a safe and attractive fashion.


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One of the simplest, but most effective, tools in the gym is the medicine ball. This tool is used to develop core strength and can be an amazing help, however many people don’t really know how to use it properly.  In Power Systems Great Medicine Ball Handbook by Andre Noel Potvin, you’ll learn more about how to use the medicine ball to achieve core fitness.

This book will give you a complete overview of the medicine ball, general information about the human body, and important information about safety.  In addition, you’ll learn more than 50 exercises that you can perform while using a medicine ball. Continue reading


Medicine balls are excellent tools for increasing your core strength and the Body-Solid Dual Grip Medicine Balls puts a new twist on the classic. Many medicine balls are soft which limits what they can do. For example, they can be difficult to hold onto with one hand.

Even harder medicine balls made from rubber can be difficult to grip. But with his particular model of medicine ball you’ll be able to hold the ball with one hand or use two hands with the built-in handles.

This ball comes in a wide variety of weights from 6 pounds to 20 pounds allowing you to choose the weight that works best for you. You can perform a wide variety of activities when using the appropriate weight. Continue reading


The Champion Sports Medicine Ball Rebounder can help you to get more out of your medicine ball workout. This equipment can be used for improving your fitness as well as for physical therapy rehabilitation.

The rebounder resembles a jogging trampoline that is tilted upward at an angle. There’s a handle on the top you can use to adjust the angle for your needs, up to 60 degrees. The base of the rebounder also doubles as a rack for storing medicine balls of different weights. Continue reading

Champion’s Gel filled medicine balls are our softest and most pliable medicine ball. Ideal for use with the medicine ball rebounder (sold separately). Special synthetic rubber with stippled cover for enhanced grip and comfort. Gel filling provides added weight and limits bounce characteristics.

Perfect for rehab, strengthening and fitness. Latex-free construction. Set of five medicine balls includes : GM5 Medicine Ball – 2 lbs. / 5″ Diameter, GM6 Medicine Ball – 4 lbs. / 6″ Diameter, GM7 Medicine Ball – 7 lbs. / 7″ Diameter, GM8 Medicine Ball – 11 lbs. / 8.5″ Diameter, GM10 Medicine Ball – 15 lbs. / 10″ Diameter.

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