For some people, the thought of exercise and strength training means a long workout session at home or buying into an expensive gym membership. But there’s a convenient and inexpensive way for you to get your body toned and keep fit – even if you hate to exercise and even if you have a jam-packed schedule.

If something as simple as a set of resistance bands work, then why are gym memberships so popular? Most people buy into gym memberships believing that it takes heavy machines and long hours working out with free weights to get the body they want.

But using free weights for your workout doesn’t help you build muscle without bulking up the way that resistance bands do. Resistance bands like the Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set work every part of your muscle groups in a way that weights aren’t capable of doing.

With one set of bands – which are less expensive than a gym membership and less expensive than buying a complete set of free weights – you can get a total body workout. Using resistance bands, you can build muscles or trim and tone your stomach in less time than it takes you to drive to the gym.

It will take you less time to pack more results in a resistance band workout than it will using any other form of strength building equipment. Included in the band set, you’ll get the complete set of bands including the ankle strap, a chart showing exercises to follow, the door anchor and a handy case so you can take the set with you when you’re on the go.

You’ll get five bands with various resistance weights ranging from the least at between 2-4 pounds all the way to the maximum at 25-30 pounds. Because of the variety with the resistant bands, anyone from beginners to the most experience can use them to create an exercise routine.

Even if you’re not currently exercising now but you want to get started making some changes for your body, you can start out slowly and build up to the maximum resistance. You can get your body beach ready in less than fifteen minutes a day.

Areas besides the abdomen that you can target with these exercise tools are the biceps – these bands are great for bicep curls, triceps and more. They provide a great workout for the shoulders, back, chest and legs.

You can use the band set as a stand-alone workout or you can combine them to use with your favorite workout DVD. Strengthen and tone your muscles, trim your body and look and feel physically better fast when you use resistance bands.


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