What Are The Benefits Of Rowing Machines?

Rowing machines are among the most popular exercise machines out there. They’re designed to help you get fit by replicating the movements of rowing n water, and they generally include mobile seats that move when the exerciser pulls the handle in front of them towards their abdomen. Rowing machines have many benefits, as you can see below.

They Offer a Good Cardio Workout

By using a rowing machine, you will be working many major muscle groups, which results in an increased heart rate and a really good workout. You’ll definitely be breaking a sweat in no time when you use this machine. What’s more, you can adjust the resistance of the machine if you want an even harder workout.

They Burn Calories Effectively

The rowing machine is one of the best calorie burning machines when compared to all the other exercise machines on the market. On average, an hour of working out on a rowing machine burns 600 calories. That’s a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Just six sessions, one hour each on a rowing machine and you’re set to lose a pound if you are eating at maintenance. Now that’s what you call an effective weight loss aid.

They Tone Up Your Upper and Lower Body

The rowing machine does not only give you a good cardio workout, it works as a great strength training machine as well. The movement of both your arms and legs results in an equally challenging workout for both the upper and lower body, and this of course results in a tougher body overall.

The Chances of Injury are Low

While the rowing machine offers a challenging workout, they are quite easy on the joints compared to most other forms of exercises. You also lessen the risk of falling during a vigorous workout, which can be encountered with machines like the treadmill or stationary bike. However, there are chances of straining your back if you do not maintain proper rowing form. So be sure to start off and keep a good rowing posture when using the rowing machine to prevent hurting your back.

All in all, the rowing machine is a great machine for giving you a total body workout, and it also makes a good investment if you are looking for a home exercise machine to buy. The key to maximizing the results you get out of the rowing machine is to keep proper form when exercising, to use it on a daily basis, and to increase the resistance when using it gets too easy.

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