Pilates and yoga are 2 forms of physical fitness which offer complementary and entirely different sets of benefits. And performing either one of these exercise methods is going to do your body and mind a lot of good.

But how about combining the two? That is exactly what Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Base Kit offers in her DVD-based exercise video, fitness tool and nutrition guide. Here is what you get:

Key Elements of Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Base Kit
  • Includes smart eating plan
  • 10 separate workouts are offered on 3 DVDs
  • Circuit training speed cranks up the fat burning
  • Improves your flexibility and strength through yoga
  • Offers core firming and muscle sculpting of Pilates
What Makes Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Base Kit a Smart Buy?

Yoga and Pilates are wonderful forms of physical fitness. The only negative is that they are not aerobic in nature. They do not elevate your heart rate and keep it there for a long period of time. That is where Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Base Kit steps in.

Recorded on 3 DVDs are 10 easy to follow and incredibly efficient fat burning workouts. But since the principles of Pilates and yoga are also present, you also improve your flexibility and strength, tighten your core, and build that confident physique and liquid form of movement that is admired by everyone.

There are lots of workout videos and programs in the physical fitness market. But Chalene Johnson has added some bonuses with this affordable kit that really make a lot of sense. A quick start guide can get you working out right away. A handy workout calendar has been included to keep you on task, and there is even a tape measure so you can record and monitor your results.

Pilates and yoga are so attractive to a lot of men and women because they are low impact in nature. That means less stress and strain on your joints. But because they do not offer the fat burning benefits of aerobic forms of movement, this kit is the perfect fit for the yoga or Pilates practitioner that wants to add fat burning benefits to their workout regimen.

Chalene Johnson believes that you do not have to “jump, grunt, strain and punish” yourself to the create your dream body. That is why she created the PiYo Base Kit. A perfect purchase for Pilates and yoga beginners, as well as those already familiar with these two beneficial forms of physical fitness, this fat burning, core strengthening and flexibility enhancing combination minimizes your aches and pains while maximizing your body sculpting efforts.


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