Nayoya Wellness promotes “pain-free, stress-free living” on their website. Their mission statement is to provide solutions to “life’s daily problems”. They do this through the manufacture and distribution of physical exercise tools and equipment.

The Nayoya Pilates Ring is just such an item, built to help men and women tone their thighs, arms and other lower and upper body parts. This inexpensive and versatile Pilates tool begs a closer look.

Key Elements of the Nayoya Pilates Ring

  • 14 inch diameter
  • Foam padded, nonslip grips
  • Strengthens your mobility and posture
  • Bestselling upper thigh exerciser for women
  • Complements multiple Pilates movements and exercises

Why is the Nayoya Pilates Ring Such a Smart Buy?

Nayoya redesigned their Pilates ring into a high-quality and high-performing product. Consistently mentioned as one of the best upper thigh exercisers for women by verified Amazon purchasers, this versatile piece of Pilates equipment is also very affordable.

Another benefit revolves around how Nayoya feels about the quality of this product. The manufacturer backs up this Pilates ring with a 60 day risk free promise. Try it out for 2 months, and if you do not see the results you desire, you can receive a 100% refund.

Also included is a free bonus nylon carry pouch. If you have ever practiced Pilates, you know the wide range of exercises which can benefit from a Pilates ring. Sometimes referred to as a magic circle, a Pilates ring can be used with open leg balance, side lying leg press, upper body toning, standing leg press, rollup, straight on press and back exercises, just to mention a few.

You benefit from improving muscle tone on both your inner and outer thighs, and you can also remove the flab from your upper arms and replace it with toned, lean muscle. Your arms, chest, legs, thighs and core can all benefit from using this uniquely designed Pilates ring.

Nayoya promises that this Pilates ring can create “the inner and outer thighs that every woman should own.” But it is also an excellent Pilates tool for men. It increases the overall effectiveness of your Pilates practice, and the 14 inch diameter circle has foam padded grips and is produced from premium, high-quality materials.

Complete with a 60 day no questions asked guarantee of customer satisfaction, and a free bonus nylon carry pouch, the Nayoya Pilates Ring is a necessary piece of Pilates equipment. Whether working your legs, your core, your arms or your chest, this Pilates ring can maximize your physical benefits by helping you achieve proper form every time.


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