3 Reasons to Start Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is the latest strength training craze and fast becoming a training-method favorite among many fitness enthusiasts. And why not, it can be done anywhere, is efficient and free.

1 – It Can Be Done Anywhere

Because there is little if any equipment involved in bodyweight training, and what is involved weighs almost nothing and takes up little space, it is a favorite training program to take with you when traveling. If flying, and with suitcase weight at a premium, one has to be careful of the weight of things that get packed.

Whether you decide to do bodyweight training at home or outdoors in a local park, it is up to you. But with minimal equipment, you can do the same routines regardless of your location. Usually all you need is a chair or low wall to do tricep dips, or a set of resistance bands to work biceps. Basic lunges, planks and bridges don’t require any equipment at all!

2 – It’s Efficient

With bodyweight training, it is easy to create routines that combine both cardio and strength training. For example, do a cardio minute of burpees or high-knees between strength training sets of push-ups or lunges.

Because of the lack of equipment needed, short but intense workouts like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) are easy to do, because time isn’t lost transitioning from one equipment type to another. With HIIT, you’ll see impressive gains quickly.

Doing a combo routine of cardio and strength training not only burns fat during the routine, but also for hours afterward due to what is known as after burn – an increase in metabolism that continues well after your workout is finished. And, with strength training, you are building muscle mass which requires more calories even at rest, making your future calorie burn per day even higher.

Bodyweight training is challenging regardless of your fitness level because it is so malleable. Add in or take out an exercise, adjust the intensity – are simple to do with bodyweight training.

3 – It’s Free!

Because a gym is not needed, no expensive gym membership is required. As a matter-of-fact, cost avoidance is one of the main reasons given by people choosing to start bodyweight training, beside the convenience of being able to do it anywhere.

While many exercises can be done without equipment, it is nice to have an exercise mat, a set of resistance bands and maybe one dumbbell (for weighted lunges), but that is about it. Otherwise all you need is the weight of your body and the desire to work it.

With bodyweight training not being tied to any one location, an efficient form of burning body fat and getting stronger and not requiring any expensive equipment or memberships, why would anyone not want to start bodyweight training?

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