If you’re new to a kettlebell workout, the Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit has everything you need to get off to a great start. This kit is unique in that it contains 3 workouts, 2 DVDs, and a 4lb. kettlebell. You’ll have all you need to work out just by opening the box.

Unlike some kettlebell workouts, the Kettlenetics Slim and Tone workouts are actually inspired by dance moves. The only difference is that you’ll be swinging a kettlebell to improve your resistance and balance.

As you get more proficient at the workout you’ll be able to choose an advanced workout to help you develop even more muscle and tone. Both the beginner and advanced workouts are designed to work out your entire body.

Developed by Michelle Khai, a leading fitness trainer, the workout videos are scientifically designed to provide you with a challenging workout. At the same time, the moves are fun and the music helps make the time go by quickly.

This workout will ask you to push yourself, but in a way that is enticing. Instead of feeling like you’re enrolled in a boot camp training program, you’ll be invited to practice graceful dance moves. And while the atmosphere and moves are different, the effects are just as good.

Many customers who have purchased and used the Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit report rapid results. These exercises help specifically improve core fitness, but don’t leave out any part of the body.

You may be skeptical that you can great results from a 4 pound weight, but this program works best with a light weight to perform the motions. It provides you with just enough resistance to make the moves more challenging.

Whether you’re a beginner and really out of shape or you’ve been exercising for years you’ll find that this workout provides you with results. Even customers who were very out of shape and overweight have reported being able to follow along and getting stronger and stronger with every workout.

If time is an issue for you, you’ll be glad to know that this comes with a 20 minute workout as well as a 40 minute workout. You’ll be able to get an entire workout completed in less than half an hour on those busy days.

The Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit is a great fitness program for anyone looking to improve core strength, balance, and overall fitness.


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