Four Reasons to Consider Starting Pilates

There are many reasons why you should consider starting Pilates. Enhanced coordination, better balance, improved spinal alignment and an efficiency of movement and breathing for starters. But here are 4 reasons that seem to provide the most motivation for people new to Pilates:

Look Thinner

One of the advantages of doing Pilates is that it improves your posture. With you standing more erect and upright, that alone makes you look 5 to 10 pounds lighter than you did when slumping forward. And who doesn’t want to look thinner? That extra boost in appearance alone gives you a huge self-confidence boost.

Develop Your Core Muscles

Pilates was built on developing the core muscles in the back, hips and thighs. It also effectively works the transverse abdominal muscles that lie just behind the 6-pack abs. By developing these alone, you will be well on your way to a flatter stomach. Better posture and a flatter stomach – do we see a pattern developing here?

Alleviate Back Pain

Many people experience back pain from the fact that they have some muscles stronger than others. When that is the case, the strong muscles can overpower the weak ones which eventually give out and cause pain. Pilates works to create a balance of strength in a muscle and its opposing partner. With core muscle balance, the spine is equally supported all around and the pain is reduced or in many cases gone altogether.

Improve Mental Focus

Part of the Pilates philosophy is an absolute focus on doing each exercise correctly. By learning how to concentrate when doing Pilates, that discipline carries over into your daily life and at work. After practicing Pilates for a while, you’ll find you can get more done with less stress, because you are not being torn in many different directions.

And lastly, unlike other training programs that do the same thing all the time, you won’t get bored doing Pilates. In all it has over 500 different exercises in all. With 25 to 50 exercises per session, there is always something new to learn and do at the next session. And the beauty of Pilates is with an experienced instructor, the exercises can be tailored to just you, if you have some special needs.

This program really is something that almost anyone can do. Not only will you feel better after a few sessions, but you will look better too.

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