If you find some workout programs have too much impact on your joints or you have physical challenges that make traditional exercise programs difficult, the Stronger Seniors Core Fitness program is a great solution.

This is a DVD fitness program you can enjoy in the privacy of your own home. But what you’ll find is unique about it is that all of the exercises are performed while seated in a chair. You won’t have to worry about any impact on your joints.

This program is designed to help you improve the strength of your abdominals. In addition, you’ll find that you take pressure off of your lower back and you experience better posture and balance. You will also learn the best breathing techniques while you exercise.

It’s important as you age that you continue to exercise your body. Exercise has been shown to improve mobility and decrease the risk of developing chronic diseases. If you have a chronic disease, exercise can help to alleviate symptoms and even reverse it.

But if you’re experiencing problems related to aging such as arthritis, heart disease, or osteoporosis you may have a hard time with exercises that require walking, jumping, or anything that puts pressure on your joints.

This workout program is free from impact but will help you to strengthen the muscles of your body that help you to stay balanced and pain free. With a stronger core you will find it easier to perform your daily tasks and even enjoy exercises such as walking or riding a bike.

If pain or a lack of fitness has kept you from enjoying activities, this program can help you to get back the strength that you’ve lost. You will find that it improves the way you feel and helps you to be more independent.

This program uses principles from Pilates to create a core strengthening program perfect for seniors or people with disabilities. Core strength is critical, but many Pilates exercises call for a wide range of flexibility that many people just don’t have.

As you practice the exercises on this DVD you’ll see that they meet you where you are. You can do all the exercises from the comfort and stability of a chair. You won’t have to risk impact or injury as you work to get fit.

There’s also an emphasis on the connection between the mind and body that will help you to have even better success as you work toward fitness goals. With the Stronger Seniors Core Fitness Chair Exercise Program you’ll get stronger, develop better balance, and be able to manage stress better.

The Stronger Seniors Stretch & Strength Workout Program is designed by Certified Fitness Instructor Anne Pringle Burnell to help seniors develop strength and to enhance the ability to function in daily life. These two fitness DVDs work together to improve your ability to be stable and balanced, to stay mobile, to go up and down stairs, to squat and pick something up, and to play with your grandchildren! Exercise at home regularly with the Stronger Seniors Stretch & Strength Program to increase flexibility, gain strength, and improve heart health and balance.

The Stronger Seniors Stretch and Strength Chair Exercise DVDs are: designed specifically for seniors and the elderly, are performed in a slow, relaxing pace; and are safe, simple and effective. This set contains two DVDs containing two complete programs.

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