Stay Young with These Safe, Effective & Efficient Exercises

Learn to master exercising with kettlebells to improve stamina, build strength and exercise your core with this how-to guide by bestselling fitness author, Karl Knopf.

Kettlebells for 50+ offers progressive programs that will:

  • Improve strength
  • Foster core stability
  • Increase hand-eye coordination
  • Boost mind-body awareness
  • Enhance sports performance

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Good posture allows you to breathe properly. The extra oxygen which makes it to your brain can actually increase your ability to think and reason properly. You also look better to others and yourself when you practice good posture. You limit your risk of back aches and pain, health concerns due to poor blood circulation and even slipped discs. Let’s find out more about why good posture is so important, and how you can start developing a healthy posture today.

Posture, Get It Straight! Look Ten Years Younger, Ten Pounds Thinner and Feel Better Than Ever by Janice Novak Features and Specs

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Does Fitness Mostly Come Down to Mental Toughness?You have probably achieved some of the fitness goals you have set during your life. But you have probably failed to reach certain levels of physical fitness as well, haven’t you? You are the same person, so why did you succeed in one physical endeavor and fail in another? Was it because you were not “mentally tough” when you needed to be? Was your mindset to blame? And if it was, how can you change that?

Dr. Jim Loehr is a globally recognized performance psychologist. He wrote a wonderful book titled Mental Toughness Training for Sports: Achieving Athletic Excellence. In it he discusses and defines mental toughness, revealing that it is made up of the following 7 components:

  • self-confidence
  • attention control
  • minimizing negative energy
  • increasing positive energy
  • maintaining motivation levels
  • attitude control
  • visual and imagery control

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It comes as no surprise to anyone to hear that almost 90% of Americans suffer from back pain. The problem has become so common that it is accepted as a part of life. And yet it’s not a problem for everyone. Would it surprise you to know that there places in the world where the reported percentage of back pain sufferers is only 5%?

It certainly surprised Esther Gokhale, and lead to a long search and discovery mission to find out why is it that some nations are so overwhelmingly prone to chronic back pain issues. This searching journey took Esther to some of the most rural locations in Brail, Portugal and Burkina Faso, and Esther found her answers. Continue reading


Introduction about a powerful introduction. Nomar Garciaparra, a former Major League Baseball player, credits author Mark Verstegen with his personal transformation from a skinny 155-pound high-school baseball player into one of the best conditioned athletes in the major leagues.

Nomar participated in Verstegen’s annual 6-week Core Workout event held in Arizona and religiously followed a workout similar to the one presented in the book: Core Performance: The Revolutionary Workout Program to Transform Your Body and Your Life. Continue reading


Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you now have to subject yourself to eating bland-tasting food for the rest of your life in order to avoid sugar, fat, and calories.

With the Eat What You Love recipe book by Marlene Koch, you’ll not only get access to plenty of healthy recipes that deliver mouthwatering meals, but you’ll also get to enjoy little to zero calories, fat, sugar, and all of those bad stuff in the process. Let’s take a closer look at what this recipe book has to offer.

Recipes Found in the Eat What You Love Book

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