Boasting an attractive price tag and extreme versatility, the Hugger Mugger 6-Foot Cinch Yoga Strap is a wonderful fitness accessory. Durably constructed in a wide, cloth strap form, the sturdy strap helps you achieve perfect form in various yoga poses. You can also use it for a multitude of other functions, including helping you stretch and flex. Let’s unroll this handy multi-use fitness product by Hugger Mugger and see exactly what it offers.

Key Elements of the Hugger Mugger 6-Foot Cinch Yoga Strap
  • Offered in multiple and attractive color choices
  • Two longer sizes also available
  • A metal D-ring fastener is optionally available
  • Guaranteed for life against manufacturers defects
What Makes the Hugger Mugger 6-Foot Cinch Yoga Strap a Smart Buy?

Specifically designed for yoga, these straps have a wide variety of uses. They can be employed whenever you want to stretch or flex, they can also be used for binding and securing your rolled up yoga mat, and have been proven useful for other exercise routines and programs.

The straps have been designed in 6-foot, 8-foot and 10-foot lengths, and you can choose either a cinch or D-ring fastener. Purple, Natural (white), Navy and multicolored options are offered.

The long-lasting cotton design is easy to clean, and the 6-footer is the most commonly chosen length for yoga. Bear in mind, if you frequently perform the Bound Angle yoga pose, you will want to choose one of the longer lengths.

Widely used by physical therapists as well as intermediate and veteran yoga fans, yoga straps are perfect for beginners who sometimes might be a little less flexible when starting out with their yoga practice.

One great bonus is the ton of free YouTube videos online, which show just exactly how to use these straps for the maximum physical and spiritual benefits that yoga can deliver.

The benefits of proper stretching aid you in your everyday life, not just in yoga. And if you are not properly stretched before performing yoga, Pilates or any other fitness activity, the result could be physically and financially painful.

When choosing a length, remember: men and women 5 feet 6 inches or shorter will find the 6-foot length perfectly adequate, while taller and heavier individuals should choose either the 8-foot or 10-foot options.

The Hugger Mugger 6-Foot Cinch Yoga Strap is available in multiple sizes and colors, and has many uses beyond yoga. Whether you are a beginner or veteran Yogi, at home or on the road, these versatile straps make an intelligent purchase with a very attractive price tag for long life and multi-use functionality.

We offer three lengths of cotton straps. The six-foot is our most popular strap; longer lengths are good for taller students and for the bound angle pose. We offer two buckle styles: a plastic Cinch which holds securely and releases easily, and a metal D-ring that is simple to thread and adjust into position.

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