One of the simplest, but most effective, tools in the gym is the medicine ball. This tool is used to develop core strength and can be an amazing help, however many people don’t really know how to use it properly.  In Power Systems Great Medicine Ball Handbook by Andre Noel Potvin, you’ll learn more about how to use the medicine ball to achieve core fitness.

This book will give you a complete overview of the medicine ball, general information about the human body, and important information about safety.  In addition, you’ll learn more than 50 exercises that you can perform while using a medicine ball.

Andre Noel Potvin is a fitness and rehabilitation expert who has been in the business for 18 years.  He is known for providing quality education to others interested in personal training and fitness education.

As the principal instructor of Infofit, Potvin brings his expertise to many clients.  Now he brings his expertise to you in this book that’s focused on developing core strength.  You can trust his expertise and experience to take your fitness to the next level.

The Premise

You don’t have to be a fitness expert or train with one to learn how to strengthen your core muscles.  In Power Systems Great Medicine Ball Handbook you can learn the basic physiology and instruction necessary to get a great workout in your own home.

Many people are finding that developing core strength can improve overall fitness and reduce problems with back and other joint pain.  While there are many high-tech tools for getting fit, going back to the basics of the medicine ball can give you a great workout that meets your needs quickly and effectively.

Medicine balls have been used for thousands of years for exercise.  Early medicine balls were actually made from bladders filled with sand.  Fortunately, today’s medicine balls are not as crudely manufactured.  They’re simple and inexpensive while coming in a variety of weights to meet varying fitness needs.

You can use medicine balls alone or with another person in order to train your body with what’s known as “functional movement”.  This is exercise that allows you to train with coordination, balance, and reaction time.  Using the exercises in this book you can improve your athletic ability, but you’ll also be able to handle everyday tasks easier such as carrying the groceries up the stairs or lifting your children.

With a simple medicine ball, you’ll be able to exercise your entire body including your core muscles, upper body, and lower body.  You’ll learn the basic muscles of the body and you’ll be able to understand which exercise benefit specific areas of the body.

If you’ve never used a medicine ball, this book can provide you with clear instruction on how to use it effectively.  But even if you have used a medicine ball, this book will take your knowledge to the next level by providing you with many exercises you can perform using a medicine ball.

You’ll find that some exercises require heavier weight than others so it’s a good idea to have many different sizes of medicine balls when you’re ready to get going with your workout.  The good news is that all the instructions are there to help you know which weight is most appropriate for specific exercises.

You’ll get all the information you need to complete a total body workout or you can just focus on areas that you feel need more strength and support.  By following the program outlined, you’ll be able to improve your fitness, coordination, stability, and reduce aches and pains.

Book Organization

When you open Power Systems Great Medicine Ball Handbook you’ll find that it’s very organized so that you can use it in any way you need it.  It begins with a quick introduction that explains the importance of medicine balls and functional fitness.  This gives you a great foundation upon which to build.

The next section is General Guidelines.  This section outlines some basic principles that apply to any fitness activity and helps you to see where your medicine ball workout fits within that framework.

You’ll also find body diagrams that outline the basic muscles throughout the body.  Knowledge is power and knowing which areas of the body you’re strengthening will help you to do a better job of becoming fit.  The diagrams are in full color so that you can really differentiate the muscle groups.

The next section is Medicine Balls and Accessories.  This is a short section that goes over basic medicine balls and accessories you can use to work with them.  It also helps you to determine what you’ll need for your own workout.

Next you’ll find a section titled Medicine Ball Technique and Safety.  This is a critical section that teaches you some basic instructions for using a medicine ball properly.  Even though it’s a simple piece of equipment, improper use can lead to problems with injury and pain.  You’ll want to be sure to take note of any safety precautions.

The next section is Aerobic Training.  This gives you important information regarding aerobic training.  Aerobic training is that movement that gets your heart rate up and helps you to keep your heart healthy.

After learning about Aerobic Training, you’ll find a page with a Sample Routine.  This will help you to determine your own fitness routine that’s well-balanced and incorporates all areas of fitness including aerobic training, strength training, and stretching.

This brings us to the final section of the introduction called Stretching.  Here you’ll find several pages of stretching exercises that will help you to become more flexible and will help reduce problems with injuries and soreness.

All of that information is packed into the first 16 pages of the book.  The next 45 pages of the book are filled with various exercises you can perform using a medicine ball.  The exercises are divided into several categories including: Core, Lower Body, Upper Body, Throws and Catches, and Rotator Cuff.

Each exercise comes with full color illustrations to show you how to perform it properly.  For each exercise you’ll learn the purpose, view a step by step illustration of how to perform it from start to finish, and you’ll get detailed written instructions that give details about foot position, grip, and proper breathing.

You’ll also get tips about the appropriate weight to use as well as how to increase the difficulty as you improve your fitness levels.  You’ll find over 50 exercises in these pages to help you improve your core strength.

The final few pages of the book share other products that are available from this publisher to improve your fitness.

Who Benefits

Power Systems Great Medicine Ball Handbook is perfect for anyone who is interested in improving core strength and functional fitness.  This book gives you all the basic information you need to create an individualized fitness plan just right for your needs.

You’ll also learn many ways that you can use a medicine ball for overall fitness.  If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on gym equipment, this book will give you the information you need to stock a few medicine balls and experience total fitness without spending an arm and a leg.

This type of basic fitness has become more popular today because it’s simple and it works.  If you’re ready to tone your core and improve the strength of all areas of your body, you’ll find exactly what you need in this guide.

You can have Power Systems Great Medicine Ball Handbook delivered to your home, your Kindle or Kindle reader.

Michael Jespersen. The Great Medicine Ball Handbook contains more than 40 medicine ball exercises for the upper body, lower body, core muscles, and general strength training.


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