Remember when you were a kid and you were always outdoors running and jumping, skating, bike riding and more? You were getting in all sorts of exercise, but it didn’t feel that way because the activities were just such fun to do.

Well now, there’s a fun addition to exercise that will remind you of child’s play and in fact, this exercise tool resembles the still popular child’s toy, the Hula Hoop. Everyone’s talking about this fun weight loss tool and how easy it is to add it to an exercise routine – but some people are using it to play with and still losing weight!

This tool, the Weighted Sports Hula Hoop for Weight Loss, is intended for adults to use to help them lose weight – and it’s also a great reminder that it’s okay to have fun while getting into shape at the same time.

Using the Weighted Sports Hula Hoop gives you a great workout for the abdomen because the ab muscles are working as you swivel the hoop – and the abs are being worked to support your balance.

What’s the difference between a weighted hoop and one that’s not? Well obviously, the weight – but also the weighted ones have a larger circumference than a regular hoop, which means you’re working more of the muscles in your body.

Not only are these great for giving your abs a workout, but you can use these to help with stretch exercises, exercises involving arm toning, stability and strengthening moves and more. Some people combine the weighted hoops with dance DVDs to make them into an exercise session.

The benefit that you’ll reap from using this tool is that your stomach will get flatter. You’ll also tone the muscles in the backs of your thighs, you’ll lose inches from your hips and you’ll strengthen the muscles in your back.

Just as doing aerobic or cardiovascular exercises give you a lot of calorie burning, so does working out with a weighted hoop. You’ll burn calories, destress and have fun while using this tool. Some people have hula weight loss groups where they gather and work out with the hoops.

This hoop is 3 pounds and the weight in a hoop is important. You don’t want to use heavier hoops because those end up actually hurting you – and you also don’t want to use ridged hoops because those can bruise and leave marks. The weighted hoop is easy to put together and take apart so you can make it a part of your exercise routine wherever you go.


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