New Fitness Gadgets

Gadgets can make fitness more fun. They can also make it easier. Many gadgets designed within the past year are great for tracking information and getting a better workout. Here’s a list of some of the top new fitness gadgets.

Motivational Tracking

There are many new gadgets designed to help maximize your workout. Whether they talk to you during your workout or remind you to get off the couch, there’s something for everyone.


The Nike+ is a gadget designed to track your effort. It measures and records your distance. Initially it required a shoe sensor that only came in Nike shoes. However, over time it has been adapted to meet the demands of others. Now users can simply download the Nike+ application on their iPod.

They also offer a sport band where you can see your workout on your wrist band. This can be extremely motivating. The iPod application actually chimes into your music and tells you how much you’ve accomplished. You can track any type of workout including spinning, aerobics and running.

miCoach Pacer

This is Adidas’ answer to the Nike+. This is a pedometer with an MP3 player. It also tracks heart rate and calories. You’ll also get a “coach” telling you how you’re doing and motivating your during your workout.

FitBit Tracker

The FitBit Tracker doesn’t talk to you and it doesn’t play music. However, it does track your calories burned, steps taken, distance covered, and sleep quality. It uses the same 3D motion sensor technology found in Nintendo Wii. Simply clip it on your waist and go.

Philips Activa

Activa matches your workout music to your heart rate. It has a feature called TempoMusic. This feature analyzes your music library and matches song choice to your aerobic intensity. It also provides verbal feedback during your workout.

Dancepants Kinetic Music Player

This MP3 player is worn. When you stop moving, it stops playing. You have to keep moving to keep the music going.

Performance Gadgets

CW-X Fitness Clothing

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was fitness clothing that helped you work out better? Or perhaps clothing that helped you recover faster? Like superman’s cape you’d run farther and faster than normal. The CW-X company has created strategically-designed running tights and shorts that support more efficient movements. They also help you recover more quickly. Whether you ski or snowboard, lift weights, cycle or run, there are tights for you.


Electical stimulators have been used by physical therapists for decades. They used to use it to help injured tendons, ligaments and muscles repair and grow stronger. Now athletes are using it to enhance their performance. Portable Estim units can be purchased for around sixty dollars or less. They’re said to improve recovery time and performance. This gadget has a lot of scientific study behind it.

It’s easy to spend a fortune on gadgets and technology. Take a look at how you work out and what would actually enhance your workout before you jump on the gadget bandwagon. If it will improve your performance, motivate you or help you recover more quickly, then it’s likely worth the expenditure.

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