Top 5 Fitness Apps for New Year Fitness Resolutions

Do you continuously vow to get fit every start of year only to find yourself in the same or even worse shape at the end of the year? Well, you’re not the only one. Losing weight or achieving fitness is probably the most popularly made and commonly broken New Year resolution in the history of mankind. However, there’s a surefire way you can jump off this habitual wagon and actually fulfill your New Year resolution this year by simply downloading any of the following fitness apps.

Workout Trainer 

With a client base of 15 million satisfied exercisers, the Workout Trainer is a results oriented app that offers workouts for strength building, fat burning, abs toning, yoga, cardio, full body, and weightlifting routines. This app can be used by anyone and it features thousands of multimedia workouts and custom training programs.

  • You can get personalized workout recommendations from the app, which will be based on your fitness assessment, training preferences, and training history. This is a great feature because personalized workout programs are usually fun and easy to maintain since they’re tailored to your specific needs and fitness goals.
  • All workout plans of this app deliver results as they’re created by a team of professional health experts and certified personal trainers.
  • The workouts of this app can be seen on your computer or Mac – not just your smartphone.
  • Most fitness apps are free but this one charges a small monthly fee.


The Jefit fitness app mainly features weightlifting and strength training exercises that tone and build muscles. This app features 1300 different exercises, enables you to analyze and improve your workout routines, record your training logs, and helps you keep track of your progress.

To ensure you remain fully motivated throughout your fitness journey, the Jefit app connects you a whole community of dedicated exercisers who will help you stay focused on your goals. The Jefit app is available on IOS and Android.

  • The app is free.
  • All featured routines come with tips that help you do the workouts correctly.
  • It allows you to analyze your workout data in order to maximize results.
  • The app allows you to synchronize your workout data from the app to your computer for evaluation purposes.
  • Jefit tells you when and how long to rest.
  • The app doesn’t offer customized workouts. However, you can edit the existing workouts to make your own customized routines.


Downloading the Fitocracy app into your phone is like having your very own personal trainer but without the high expenses that come with this professional service. Once you’ve downloaded the Fitocracy mobile app, you’ll be provided with an expert coach who will assess your fitness level and then create a personalized exercise plan for you.

  • Has a simple interface that’s easy to maneuver.
  • The app provides you with a personalized nutrition and workout plan.
  • Your coach will provide you with daily motivation.
  • The app is mostly but not completely free. You’ll need to fork out some money for a more personalized experience.


Fleetly is a competitive fitness app that suggests exercise schedules, tracks and evaluates your progress with time, and offers challenges that users can participate in. The app also doesn’t allow you to slack off as it informs you when you’ve hit a plateau and offers a few suggestions to help you get out of your fitness slump. If Fleetly sounds like an ideal fit for you, you can get it from the app’s official website.

  •  The app syncs with the Fleetly website, which you can use to store your workout data.
  • Allows you to set targets.
  • Integrates with the Nike + and RunKeeper apps.
  • Has a workout generator that allows you to see what type of exercises you can do with whatever fitness equipment you have.
  • Awards hard work with badges for a fun workout experience.
  • Even with over 200 exercise routine, this app fall short when compared to other options such as Jefit and Workout Trainer, which offer thousands of workouts. However, 200 workouts are more than enough to keep you going for a really long time.

Lose It! 

Perfect for individuals who struggle with their weight, the “Lose It!” app makes it easy to shed off excess pounds. The app covers the 2 important aspects of an effective weight loss plan: diet and exercise. It does this through a simple program that tracks the amount of exercise you’re doing and reminds you of your ideal calorie consumption. If you want to enjoy long-term weight loss, Lose It! is the app to go for.

  • The integrated planning feature lets you set realistic weight loss goals. It helps you to lose weight efficiently by suggesting a regimen that will not mess up your metabolism.
  • Provides you with a calorie budget that keeps you focused on your fitness goals thus helping to accelerate your weight loss results.
  • Lose It! is very effective and over 43 million pounds of weight have been lost by people who have used the app.
  • The only downside of this app is probably the fact that it’s only ideal for weight loss goals and cannot be used by someone who has other fitness goals in mind.

Although these apps offer different advantages, they make an excellent companion in helping you stick to your fitness plan. All 5 apps also provide you with plenty of motivation to ensure you stay the course of your workout plan. So, if you want to finally stop procrastinating in pursuing your fitness goals, the best way to kick things off is to download any of these apps and get started.

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