The Champion Sports Medicine Ball Rebounder can help you to get more out of your medicine ball workout. This equipment can be used for improving your fitness as well as for physical therapy rehabilitation.

The rebounder resembles a jogging trampoline that is tilted upward at an angle. There’s a handle on the top you can use to adjust the angle for your needs, up to 60 degrees. The base of the rebounder also doubles as a rack for storing medicine balls of different weights.

The rebounder doubles as a jogging trampoline. You can set the angle to zero and lock it in place. The handle provides you with a way to stabilize yourself when jumping or jogging.

As a rebounder, you can toss the medicine ball toward toward the trampoline surface and it will bounce back to you. This allows you to improve your core fitness as well as improve your upper body strength.

If you don’t have someone that you can toss the medicine ball to, this rebounder allows you to exercise on your own. The rebounder will toss the medicine ball straight back to you. This allows you to practice coordination.

Many people find that this is a perfect solution for completing physical therapy exercises at home. Medicine ball rebounders are common in rehab facilities, but they can be very expensive. This unit is a fraction of the cost but gives you all of the functionality you get in a professional unit.

But even if you?re not recovering from an injury, you can use this rebounder to improve your workout. Medicine balls can help you to improve your core strength, coordination, and overall fitness. When you combine that with the cardiovascular option of jogging or jumping, you have a total fitness package.

This rebounder doesn’t come with any medicine balls, so you’ll need to make sure and order some in several different sizes. For most people it’s best to order lower weights such as 6, 8, or 10 pounds and then work your way up to a heavier ball.

The rebounder will make tossing your medicine ball seem more like a game than a workout. Many people enjoy this type of routine and report that it makes it seem like they aren’t working out until they feel the burn in their muscles later in the day.

If you want to be able to toss your medicine ball, the Champion Sports Medicine Ball Rebounder will return it to you over and over again for years to come.

The Champion Sports Medicine Ball Rebounder is a multi-purpose exercise and fitness tool that is perfect for beginner and rehabilitation exercises. The tubular steel frame features a 28in diameter rebounder that can be adjusted up to 60 degrees, so you can work at a level that is comfortable for you. A Neoprene handle provides comfort and stability while a built in tray holds medicine balls when they are not in use creating a versatile, multi-purpose exercise tool.


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