You might be familiar with the muscle-building properties of using barbells and how great they are to build your strength. You might love the way it helps you get in a great workout and tones your body – but you can take working out with barbells to a whole new world when you get ones that are made just for working out while in the water.

Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells are a great tool that you can use to get an intense workout for your muscles while you’re in a water exercise class or at home in your own pool. These are barbells made just for water, and they look just like a regular set of barbells.

You use them just like you would use regular barbells. Swimming has long been touted as a great way to get into shape, and there are plenty of water exercise classes in every state, but there are other forms of exercise in the water than give you more benefits than just swimming.

Working out in the water can really increase the power of your workout – and it’s a good form of aerobic exercise. Using the water as part of your exercise is good for anyone with physical impairments, because the water isn’t as bad on the joints as a floor can be, so you can get in a low impact workout. The water is also great for someone without physical impairments, because the water itself offers good resistance.

But adding aqua fitness barbells gives additional water resistance, which then allows you to exercise your muscles like you would in resistance training. It’s this type of resistance that will tone up and build muscle so you end up getting more out of your workout than you would without them.

Having the right kind of barbells for working out in the water is important – and you want to get ones that are easy to hold onto in the water and won’t be painful to grip. With the Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells, you get a set of barbells that are padded for comfortable workout sessions and dry fast when out of the water.

You’ll benefit from using aqua barbells if you don’t like working out with regular ones but want to get the same results. Being in the water works your body’s various muscles and you can take advantage of the water’s resistance to tone and strengthen your body.

The Speedo Aquatic Fitness barbells (1-lb, 5-oz each) can be used for maximum resistance during aquatic fitness activities. They are constructed with lightweight EVA foam and can easily be packed and taken with you.


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