When fitness is a top priority in your life, you have two goals – to get lean and grow stronger. It doesn’t matter if you want to bulk up or lose fat, the P90X fitness program can help you achieve your goals quickly.

Tony Horton is a personal trainer who delivers on his promise to get you through an intense and diverse system that won’t bore you or leave you questioning where the results are for all the hard work you put in.

The P90X fitness program allows you to create your own routines from a variety of options he gives you that work your whole body and help accelerate the results you see in the mirror.

One thing many people mistakenly do when working out is follow the same routine day after day. But your body needs to have things mixed up, and Horton’s Muscle Confusion process keeps your body from leveling out and slowing down.

The P90X system is a collection of DVDs, a nutrition plan divided into three phases, a calendar and a fitness guide. This way, you can track your results and plan your progress out ahead of time.

The kit is filled with 12 different workouts that collectively transform your body into what you want it to be. You’ll be working your chest, shoulders, arms, legs, back, biceps, core, triceps, abs and more using Tony Horton’s proven fitness methods.

During the first phase, which lasts 21 days, you’ll be strength training and doing cardio alternatively. So one day you might build muscle and the next you’ll be burning fat. One day a week is provided for you to stretch on, too.

Once you get out of the first phase, you will be working on your core and cardio for a week before adding in some new resistance training to keep your muscles from getting stagnant in their growth.

The eighth week offers another focus on cardio and core (as in week four), but then you’re repeating the previous weeks to heighten your body’s ability to perform better without being in danger of a plateau.

Fortunately, the P90X program lets you veer from the fundamentals if you have unique goals, so you can focus more on becoming thinner if weight is an issue for you, or ramp up your muscle building if bulk is what you’re after.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast and have two hours a day to devote to your body, then you might want to do the P90X doubles program, which does exactly what the name says – doubles your efforts.


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