You don’t need to join a group class or try to perform a kettlebell routine on your own without proper guidance. All you need to do is pop in a kettlebell DVD and you can have private training right in the comfort of your own home.

Just as you would do with an in-person class, make sure you find a DVD for your correct level of training. If you’ve never tried using kettlebells, make sure you start with a beginner’s DVD.

Many of the DVDs will have a variety of levels for you to choose from. So you might start out on the beginner’s level, but then forward to the medium and advanced levels on the same DVD when you’re ready.

Some of the kettlebell DVDs will have a short routine that you simply repeat for the duration of your workout. For example, it might be a 15-minute training session that you repeat four times for an hour workout. Then it might include a longer workout for those who want more variety.

People get very picky about fitness DVDs. You might not like the sound of the person’s voice or feel they talk too much (or too little). It could irritate you if the participants are smiling non-sop, or if they’re stick-thin and don’t represent the masses watching the DVD to lose weight.

Make sure you review all of these little idiosyncrasies before you invest in a set of DVDs for your kettlebell training efforts. Find out what the music is like, too – if that’s an important element for you.

Your kettlebell DVD should have a warm-up and cool down routine. Usually, the warm up routine is created where the instructor is walking you through the various moves you’re about to do in the higher intensity portions, but at a slower pace.

You might find that some of the moves are too difficult for you to do on the DVD. If this happens, continue training on the parts you can do and each time you turn on the DVD again, attempt the exercise that was previously an obstacle for you. Eventually you’ll discover that you’re able to do it because your strength has increased.

Because the kettlebell originated from Russia, you will see many DVDs presented by a Russian persona. This could be inspiring for you or wear thin if you dislike overuse of the word comrade.

Once you find a trainer that meshes well with your personality, look for the right DVD that has a bunch of different workout for you and ample safety and proper form instructions.

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