At first glance the Power Block dumbbells do not look like anything you have seen in a gym or weight room before. PowerBlock has totally changed the look of traditional dumbbells. With this 50 pound adjustable set, beginner and veteran free weight lifters can move from light to heavy weights quickly and safely.

And, by purchasing more blocks, you can expand this set up to 130 pounds per hand. Backed by a very generous and attractive 10 year home use more energy, the PowerBlock Elite 50lb. Dumbbell set demands a closer look.

Key Elements of the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbell Set
  • Made in USA
  • 10 year home use warranty
  • Replaces 16 pairs of dumbbells
  • Set is adjustable from 5 to 50 pounds per hand
  • Unique rectangular design means no rolling and easy storage
What Makes the PowerBlock Elite 50 Pound Dumbbell Set a Good Buy?

Whenever a tried and true, traditional style or design is changed, it is not embraced immediately. And if you have never seen Power Block weights, you might be in for a head scratching surprise.

But if you have ever lifted weights, barbells or dumbbells, you know that there are a few negative aspects to the “old school” circular plate design. Barbells and dumbbells with round plates can roll. This can cause injuries in the gym, and at home.

And it is not always easy to stack and store circular plates and the bars that hold them. That is where this 50 pound dumbbell set makes a lot of sense. Up to 16 pairs of dumbbells, bars and circular plates are replaced with a single set. And the design is such that they take up very little room (imagine 2 shoe boxes stacked on top of each other).

You can also move from 5 pounds to 50 pounds per hand quickly and safely, and when you set these dumbbells down, they stay put. That is because the plates are rectangular shaped, with a consistently flat bottom.

The company also sells extra weight plates so you can move all the way up to 130 pounds per hand.

Easily one of the most attractive features aside from being rectangular shaped is the 10 year home use warranty. (Previous Power Block purchasers should note that this is the Elite 50 pound set. The Classic 50 pound set is only expandable up to 70 pounds, whereas this versatile set can the expanded to nearly double that weight.)

As an added bonus, you can also use these dumbbells as push-up bars, something you could never do with round weights. This 50 pound Power Block Elite Set of dumbbells deserves consideration for any free weight lifters with minimal space, and the unique rectangular, quick-change design means less time wasted between sets and repetitions.

PowerBlock Elite 50 Set has a weight range of 5-50 lbs. per hand, is expandable later to 70, 90 or 130 lbs. per hand. Replaces 16 pairs of dumbbells in the space of one. Made in USA and carries a 10 year warranty for home use.


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