Welcome back! I know you’re busy, you slacker! So I appreciate that you took time out of your busy day to discuss how our lazy generation approaches health and fitness. Did you know that convenience drives the average generation Xer? It’s true. When it comes to health, fitness, and just about everything else, convenience is a top priority.

Why Convenience?

Convenience isn’t about laziness, at least not for members of my generation. Convenience is about priorities. It’s about making the most of the time we have in this life and ensuring that there is time for the things that bring us pleasure. Sure, being healthy is pleasurable. However, so are other activities like friends, family, and hobbies. So embracing convenient health habits makes sense. It leaves time for other enjoyable activities.

What Does Convenience Mean to a Generation Xer?

According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, “Generation X adults prepare an average of 10 meals a week, and eat out or buy fast food an average of three times a week.” At the same time, convenience services like grocery store delivery and meal preparation services (services that deliver pre-made meals or meals ready to prepare), are growing in popularity amongst the upper middle class Gen Xers.

What does this tell us? That health and food are important, however convince is equally important. If you’re in generation X and you want to eat more healthfully, the key may be to find systems that support you. Grocery store delivery, meal planning services, and diets like Paleo and Zone can add parameters to help you stay focused.

What About Exercise?

Convenience isn’t about the easiest and fastest workout. Though it definitely is a component. Convince for the generation x member, is also about getting the fastest results. It’s why HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, is so popular with this group. It’s also why CrossFit has taken off with this generation and why big box gym are losing members. We exercise in our homes on our treadmills while watching Game of Thrones (pleasurable and convenient). We combine socialization, small group classes or running clubs, with exercise. Convenience also means multitasking. If you can get two benefits from one activity, it’s really going to appeal to a Gen X member.

Finding Your Convenient Groove

Okay, so you know you want it to be convenient and enjoyable, but how do you apply this concept to your own busy life? Start with what you enjoy. Take a look at the opportunities around you and start exploring. Love dancing? Check out your local dance/dance fitness options. Love to spend time on the trails? Maybe trail running or hiking is your jam. Check out local hiking groups.

Convenience is a catchall for an activity that provides multiple benefits in an easy to access an enjoyable way. Start with what you enjoy and the rest will fall into place. Next time we’ll delve deeper into food and nutrition.

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