It can be tough to stay motivated and on track with your workout plans. You see the perfect bodies at the gym. In the checkout line at the supermarket the fitness magazines show impossibly toned and ripped cover men and women.

You look in the mirror and don’t see much, if any, results of all your hard work. So it’s understandable that you are thinking of throwing in the towel and giving up on getting in shape.

Guess what?

You may be stronger and more fit than you think. Changes taking place inside you may be paying off your exercise efforts. The outward results might just be subtle, instead of noticeable. The following are not-so-obvious signs that your workouts are working, and that visual proof of a stronger, leaner, fitter you are just around the corner.

You are Sleeping Better

Weird, huh? Most people do not connect better sleep habits with being fit. The truth is when you build muscle and burn fat, you sleep better. So if your sleep has improved, you are on the right physical fitness track.

You Don’t Need Your Usual Cup(s) of Coffee in the Morning

This is connected to the healthy sleep cycle that fitness creates. When you work out during the day, your body repairs at night. You sleep better and wake refreshed, not always needing the usual amount of morning java.

You Can Stand without Having to Shift Your Weight

Can you stand through a short meeting without switching your weight from one foot to the other? Do you effortlessly stand in line at the grocer or DMV? These are subtle signs that you have improved your functional strength and flexibility.

You Can Keep Up with Your Kids

Kids seem to have endless energy. A lot of parents start exercising to be able to spend more time with their children. If you notice you can keep up with your kids better than before, that’s a sign your hard work is paying off.

Your Friends Notice Health Improvements

“Have you been working out?” When you hear this, it means the improvements are noticeable. You stand a little taller. Your posture improves, along with your self-confidence. You walk with a lighter step. You may not notice gradual but positive changes that come as a result of exercising, but your friends, family and co-workers will let you know.

You Find that You are Mentally Sharper

Exercise fires off “feel good” endorphins and other chemicals in your brain. Physical exertion also makes your mind clearer and more focused. Have you noticed you are mentally more capable than usual? Exercise could be the cause.

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