Want a fitness regimen you can look forward to? This fun cardio workout helps you sculpt lean, sexy muscles. Set up your Urban Rebounder in either a flat or elevated position — both positions help provide you with an effective workout — and move all your major muscles simultaneously. The best part is this low-impact conditioning is easy on your joints and muscles, so you can work out longer.

Urban Rebounder unit 8 Legs 2 Long front legs 2 Short back legs 14 Rubber crutch tips for legs Stabilization bar Elevated Urban Rebounder with Rebecca Kennedy workout DVD Owner's Manual
Specs Measurements: Approx. 10"H x 40" Diameter (without stabilizing bar) Weight: Approx. 29 lbs. Max. Weight Capacity: Up to 300 lbs Assembly:

Requires 1 person approx. 15 minute Country of Origin: Urban Rebounder made in China; DVD made in USA
2 people recommended for folding and closing unit. Children under age 12 should be supervised by an adult when using.

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