Watch the Original Stand Steady® video in this listing to see exactly how it works The Original Stand Steady standing desk (patent pending) is comfortable, affordable, and compatible with your existing desk. Simply place The Stand Steady on top of your existing desk, adjust it to your height, and you are ready to work standing up. It is large enough to hold your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and coffee. Plus, you gain over 3 sq ft because you can put items below it.

As reported in The Wall Street Journal , The New York Times , and The Washington Post , research shows that standing at work has numerous health benefits, including reducing back pain, burning extra calories, and reducing risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Dimensions: The desktop is 24"x20", the footprint is approx. 18" x 15", the height adjusts from approx. 11.25" to approx. 15.25"
Desktops: The top comes in your choice of color (Black, Cherry, Maple) and is finished with a water resistant veneer
Desk Legs: The aluminum legs have snap buttons to easily adjust the desk to your correct ergonomic height. The feet are soft, non-skid rubber, providing extra stability, and do NOT SLIDE! Desk supports 75 pounds!
Assembly: Our 14 pound desks ship flat and can be easily assembled in 5 minutes

Other sizes:
Super large Mega Stand Steady™ almost 4 ftx2ft!
Large -holds 2 monitors! Executive Stand Steady™ Desk (32"x22")
Laptop size Traveler Folding Stand up Desk – small & portable!

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