In The FIRM’s ongoing quest to create amazing workouts that get real people, real results in less time, we’ve created the most fun and effective, rapid weight loss and speed-sculpting plan ever! By combining cutting-edge scientific research with the hottest fitness trends, we’ve designed workouts that are… a ball!

Get Zipped!

Introducing The FIRM Zip Trainer System, an innovative at-home DVD fitness program using one of the most ingenious workout products ever invented. This is the first piece of fitness equipment to incorporate all of the dynamic benefits of cardio, sculpt, core strength and balance training into a single, complete system that will help YOU lose weight and get the body of your dreams in just 60 days!

Kit Includes

Included in the Firm Zip Trainer is the Zip Trainer Medicine Ball, 3 lb yellow soft weighted ball, 3 DVDs (Rev!, Peak!, and Barefoot Abs – Bonus), Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide featuring an all-new Flat Belly Diet and 60-day mix and match meal plan, and a 60-Day VIP Web Club Membership where you’ll receive access to the 15-minute Jump Start workout (to watch online or download to your PC)!

All-In-One Design

An ingeniously simple 5-pound fully zipped fitness tool, with a removable 3-pound Core Ball, can be used 8 different ways to do more than 200 highly effective exercises that melt away fat and sculpt your muscles to perfection. This all-in-one design is the most significant update to the fitness ball in years, and was designed to make your workouts … a ball! The “squish factor” creates dynamic and reactive moves that will target those deep muscles you didn’t even know you had and that’s what makes the Zip Trainer so effective. It’s truly unlike any other fitness product available.

7 Workouts on 3 DVDs

In Cycle 1 (Rev!) The FIRM Master Instructors Allie, Stephanie, and Emily build a strong fitness foundation with three 15-minute workouts and a Jump Start program all designed for maximum weight loss that will get you ready for what’s to come! In Cycle 2 (Peak!) The FIRM Master Instructors Alison, Kelsie and Annie put a greater emphasis on balance and deep body sculpting with three workouts that will push you like nothing you have ever done before! Lastly, Barefoot Abs, led by The FIRM Master Instructor Alison uses scientifically-proven core and ab exercises combined with fat-blasting Short Burst Training intervals to shrink your waistline and reveal that sleek, sexy, flat stomach in no time.


Use the Zip Trainer to balance on to intensify core training with a bit of cardio! Zip Trainer can also be lifted in any fashion for added resistance to your workout. Both exercises offer a great deal of core stabilization training.


Zip Trainer can be used by stepping on it for a fat-blasting cardio workout. You may also toss it to engage the entire body during playful cardio and power moves, especially with a partner!


Kneeling on the Zip Trainer (unzipped and laid flat) for comfort during push-ups or core conditioning is a quick and easy way to burn calories! Also try rolling it while engaging the core to improve strength, coordination and agility.


Don’t forget to stretch with the Zip Trainer to increase flexibility before and after your workout. Leaning on the Zip Trainer will also add instability or challenge your balance.


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