Designed for use with Teeter F-Series or EP Series inversion tables, this gravity boots adapter kit offers full ankle support while you stay safely inverted. Teeter inversion tables come with standard ankle clamps; however, the clamps aren’t designed to fully reduce the load on your knee and ankle joints while you hang. The gravity boots, by contrast, feature a tough yet pliable blend of DuPont Hytrel material that minimizes pressure points, along with super-soft 5/8-inch foam liners designed to reduce compression. As a result, your ankles and knees will feel 100-percent secure while you invert. And a good inversion session relieves pressure on your vertebrae discs and ligaments, stimulates your blood circulation, improves flexibility, and reduces fatigue. The boots are also great for performing inverted exercises, such as crunches, sit-ups, and squats.

The adapter kit also includes a CV bar that replaces the inversion table’s assembly, letting the boots attach securely to the table. And thanks to the boots’ durable lightweight construction–each boot weighs only 2.5 pounds–you’ll barely notice them on your feet when hanging. Other details include ratcheting self-locking buckles for safety and security, removable calf loops that help reduce the load on the knee joints and the top of the foot, and a five-year warranty.

About Teeters Hang Ups

Founded in 1981 by Roger and Jennifer Teeter, Teeter Hang Ups has been manufacturing quality inversion products ever since. The primary reason for company’s success is that the founders truly believe in the health benefits of inversion, a simple, natural form of therapy that’s been around since 400 B.C. The Teeters first learned about inversion at a water ski tournament in 1980. At the time, Roger Teeter was suffering from severe back problems, which he owed to his career as a professional water skier and from an auto accident. After trying several forms of therapy to help manage his pain, he finally learned that by hanging upside down, he was able to relieve the pressure on his back and begin the road to recovery. In the ensuing years, the Teeters saw an absence in the marketplace of safe, high-quality inversion products, and dedicated themselves to filling that void. Teeter Hang Ups is the only company in the world to manufacture inversion products continuously since 1981.

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