Strengthen your core to support your body for everyday living. Strong core muscles are the basis for efficient everyday movements. Your abdominals are just one of the muscle groups that make up your core, but are important for overall back and body support. The Precor Ab-X, used in clubs, hotels and spas worldwide, is biomechanically designed to target your abdominal muscles precisely and stabilize your core while you exercise, delivering a focused and efficient workout. With an easy entry and exit, the space efficient design allows you to work out your abs without being down on the floor. Integrated wheels for easy transport and moving. Frame is titanium-colored with premium black upholstery with Beautyguard protective topcoat finish and high-density foam padding. When you purchase our commercial equipment for your home, the consumer warranty applies – Lifetime frame and welds, 10 years parts and wear items, 1 year labor.

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