lady practicing yoga exercise positionAs the New Year rounds the corner, you may be thinking about the how you’re going to get fit. There are many fitness trends that can help you to get in shape while having fun. If you’re tired of your boring workout, one of these five options can help you to put some pizazz back into your fitness routine. Once you try them you’ll see why everyone’s talking about them.


How do you combine cycling with the power of yoga? You participate in cy-yo, one of the hottest trends in fitness. This fitness program helps to get the body fit without neglecting the mind and spirit. It begins with a 10 minute yoga session to help center the mind and prepare the body for exercise. You’ll focus on moving your joints to help warm them and begin moving fluid into them. The yoga portion focuses on releasing negative energy and drawing positive energy to you. You’ll participate in visualization and focus on proper breathing technique.

After the yoga session, you’ll begin a 40 minute cycling session that will get your heart pumping. You’ll be able to participate in an indoor program that allows you to get fit without putting pressure on your joints. You’ll get the benefits of aerobic activity combined with strength training for the lower body. You’ll also burn enough calories to help with weight loss efforts or heart training.

Once you’ve finished the cycling session, you’ll leave the bike behind and complete a 10 minute yoga session. This session will help you to stretch muscles that have been busy working. You’ll also work to focus calm your mind so that when you leave your workout you’re full of positive energy. You’ll be ready to leave your workout feeling completely rejuvenated and relaxed.

To participate in cy-yo you have a couple of options. You can take a group fitness class at a local gym or community center. This will allow you to work out with other people and have the benefit of an instructor nearby.You can also purchase DVD workout videos that give instruction in the proper technique for cy-yo. Of course, in addition to the video you’ll need to have a stationary bike and yoga mat.

Green Fitness

Just as people have become conscious of their impact on the environment when it comes to shopping, eating, and keeping their home efficient there’s been a movement to make fitness green. This type of fitness gets back to basics and allows you to get fit without taking away precious resources from the environment. There are many ways you can improve your fitness routine and go green.

One way to practice green fitness is to exercise outdoors. Instead of relying on a gym to provide a space, get back to nature. Walking, running, bicycling, hiking, and jogging are all activities that can be done outdoors. Some fitness groups are offering outdoor classes so that you can experience classes such as yoga outdoors. If you enjoy having scheduled classes and exercising with a group this is a great option.

With green fitness you’re more likely to use your own body to provide resistance rather than using machines that can use energy and be made of materials that aren’t environmentally friendly. The aim of green fitness is to provide a total body fitness experience outside of the typical gym. Gyms often use a lot of resources with  machines powered by electricity when the natural environment provides a better venue. Frequently simple items such as ropes, jump ropes, tires, and free weights are used instead of expesnive equipment. The idea is to keep the energy used that of your body.

Gyms are beginning to join the green fitness movement. They’re working to use renewable and recycled materials for their buildings, focusing on energy-efficient utilities, and purchasing machines that are green. If you’re currently attending a gym, ask about what they’re doing to go green. Some gyms are adding recycling programs, purchasing new equipment manufactured to be green, and working to be energy efficient.

You can also join the green fitness movement by trying to make some substitutions. For example, use a bike to ride to work instead of driving. You can also walk to the store or to run errands instead of depending on vehicles. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to green fitness. If you’re not ready to take the full plunge by leaving your gym, you can make adjustments to make your workout greener.

Mind and Body Combo Fitness

It was once thought that exercise only required the body to work. But as we begin to understand more about the connection between the mind and body, mind and body combo fitness has become popular. Cy-yo is just one example of a fitness program that combines the work of mind and spirit with that of the body. There are several other combo programs that will help you to renew your spirit and strengthen your body.

Pilates in and of itself is a mind and body class. It focuses on small movements that relax the mind and body while helping you to build core strength. This is similar to yoga, but focuses on core strength. Some types of yoga focus on strength as well as mind and body connection. For example, Bikram yoga which is done in a hot room and focus on flexing muscles. This combo class is very effective at improving your fitness level and reducing stress. Pi-yo is another example and combines pilates with yoga. This is also called yogalates by some studios.

Zumba is also considered a mind and body combo class. It combines fun and dancing with a killer cardio workout that leaves your mind and body refreshed. Zumba has become so popular because it focuses on fun in combination with fitness.

Tai chi is another type of exercise that combines the mind and body. This is an Eastern practice that’s actually considered a martial art. It combines body movements with meditative practice and is a wonderful fitness activity for people of any age or fitness level.

Really any combination of exercises for the mind can be combined with fitness for the body. Gyms all over the world are offering classes that are combining two different types of practices. The benefit of a mind and body combo class is that you get the best of both worlds. You’ll be able reduce the effect of stress on your body, experience renewed energy, and enjoy improved fitness.

Many studies have found that combining the mind and body can help you to actually attain better fitness than focusing only on the body while allowing your mind to wander.


CrossFit is one of the most popular trends in fitness. This is a back to basics program that’s anything but easy. With this program you’ll combine many different types of activity to improve many areas of fitness. People participating in CrossFit experience greater speed, endurance, strength, and flexibility. It combines many types of cardio workouts such as running, jogging, and cycling with strength training. It’s not unusual to use jump ropes, climbing ropes, free weights and large tires as fitness equipment. In fact, CrossFit is actually part of the green movement in exercise because it takes place outside the traditional gym.

With CrossFit, the workout changes daily and is a combination of different cardio and strength training activities. You’ll also participate in flexibility exercises. It may seem intimidating, but CrossFit is really for anyone who wants to get in shape. If you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to follow the same routine but you may modify it by doing fewer reps of the prescribed exercises for the day. You’ll lift as much weight as you’re comfortable lifting.

CrossFit isn’t just about looking great, although people who participate in it often do have great bodies. But the point of CrossFit is to really become more athletic and have better performance. CrossFit is also fun. If you participate in a CrossFit training program, you’ll be eligible to participate in the CrossFit games – a friendly  competition that does come with cash prizes.

You can join a CrossFit gym or you can create one in your own home if you prefer to work out there. With CrossFit it does help to have a partner to get through difficult exercises and for those that require someone to assist. With this rather no frills exercise, you’ll be amazed at the results that you get. You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment. You will need a good pair of shoes for cross training and you’ll also need supportive clothing that’s also breathable.

If you really want to challenge yourself athletically, CrossFit is a great choice. You’ll feel great and you’ll look great while accomplishing fitness goals you only imagined you could do.

Streaming Videos

Another fitness trend takes the place of workout videos that you have to purchase. You can actually have access to thousands of workout videos if you have an internet connection and a computer. StreamFIT is an example of a company that specializes in streaming workout videos. There are a couple of different options for joining. You can try a free trial to see if you like it. Then there are two options – limited streaming and unlimited streaming. Limited streaming is less expensive and offers less variety than the unlimited option. However, both give you access to new programs each month.

If you get bored doing the same fitness routine every day, StreamFIT can help you to get the variety you like. It also comes with built-in coaching. It’s a great alternative to a gym membership.

Other sites offer streaming video for working out as well. Netflix, a popular video streaming site for entertainment, has a pretty wide variety of workout videos that can be streamed right into your living room.

GAIAM TV also offers streaming video for the mind and the body. This service offers many workout videos, meditation practices, and inspirational videos as well. If you’re especially interested in the mind and body connection, this is a good service for you. You’ll pay a monthly fee for GAIAM TV and you’ll have access to unlimited streaming video that will help you to get stronger and feel more inspired. And you can work out at your own convenience.

Workouts On Demand is another site that can help you to enjoy streaming videos. They have exercise videos for you at any fitness level and there’s a wide variety available. This site, too, requires a small membership fee. However, this fee is nominal considering the access you have to such a variety of videos. You can also watch the videos on many different platforms including the computer or TV.

The overall benefit of any streaming program is that you can have many different workouts to choose from without having to invest thousands of dollars in a video library. You can also skip the gym and work out when it’s convenient for you. You’ll also enjoy the portable convenience since you can work out to a video streaming from your laptop.

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