Kettlebell workouts are becoming very popular in strength training programs that focus on functional fitness and the GoFit Contoured Single Vinyl Coated Kettlebell With Training DVD is a great choice for your home gym.

This kettlebell comes in seven different weights from 7-45lbs. Each weight is a different color to make it easy to pick up the correct one quickly and easily. But what really makes this kettlebell special is its contoured shape.

This contour makes it much easier on your forearms when using the bell. You don’t have to worry about hitting them. It also makes it easier to pick up the bell for some exercises.

In addition, the bottom of the kettlebell is coated with vinyl. This vinyl keeps bare metal from scraping and denting the floors. Other kettlebells can cause damage to fine flooring when they’re dragged across them.

The handle on these kettlebells is also a good size. It’s sturdy and allows you to use two hands if necessary. Some kettlebells don’t have enough space for a two-handed grip.

This kettlebell also comes with a DVD that will help you to learn basic moves with kettlebell workouts. This video is great for beginners who are just learning how to use this equipment correctly. You can also use these weights with other videos using kettlebells.

Customers who have purchased the GoFit Contoured Single Vinyl Coated Kettlebell with Training DVD have been impressed with the quality of this equipment for the price. They compare them to much more expensive kettlebells on the market.

Working out with a kettlebell will help to improve your core fitness as well as your upper body strength. In addition, these weights can be used for lower body exercises. Kettlebells are different than traditional dumbbells because of the motion used.

Most often they are used in a swinging motion. This causes you to become imbalanced and strengthen muscles in a different way. When you’re new to kettlebells you’ll feel like you’ve worked out muscles you’ve never used before.

When you start your workout you’ll begin with a light weight but as you get stronger you’ll be able to increase your resistance. It’s good to have several different weights of kettlebells for various exercises and fitness levels.

If you want to equip your home gym, the GoFit Contoured Single Vinyl Coated Kettlebell with Training DVD are economical and quality choices.

The GoFit Kettlebell is constructed of solid cast iron as one piece including the body and handle. Then each kettlebell is vinyl-dipped for a thick, durable rubberized coating that is color-coded by weight and easy on your floors. The handle is texture-sanded and painted with a two-tone gloss coat that is perfect for gripping and comfortably smooth.


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