Because of improvements in lifestyles and more accurate medical testing, older people are now reaching their 90th birthday and beyond. But along with aging comes some unpleasant factors to deal with.

Weight gain from sluggish metabolisms, less energy and loss of cognitive function are a few symptoms of aging. There’s an easy and inexpensive way that you can reap some anti aging benefits if you’re a senior.

You can slow the effects of aging and even reserve some age related conditions (like type 2 diabetes) just by exercising. The benefits of exercise have long been known by the majority of the population, but exercise plays an important part in keeping your body young.

As you age, balance issues can be a problem that interferes with your daily activities. With balance issues, comes an increased risk of falling. Exercises that can improve balance and have anti aging benefits include leg lifts, switching weight from one foot to the other and yoga.

Keeping active by walking regularly or going for short jogs can help keep the mind active and fight against memory loss. Inactivity at any age can contribute to aging. You don’t have to be a senior to start reaping anti aging benefits.

Exercising regularly, no matter what age you are, can lengthen your lifespan and help you build a defense against aging. Even if you’re younger, you can start now and slow the aging process by maintaining a regular exercise routine.

By hitting the gym regularly or exercising at home consistently, you can give your body the tools to fight aging. If you exercise using weights (even if they’re free weights not associated with a weight machine), you build bone strength. When you build bone strength, you’re fighting against osteoporosis. This type of exercise makes your muscles stronger, too.

Take part in cardiovascular exercise to improve heart function and to keep your heart strong. In fact, exercise fights many health problems that can occur as you age. By exercising, you can lessen your risk of diabetes and certain cancers. You can have a healthier, lower blood pressure and you can lower your risk of infections by boosting your immune system.

But one of the main benefits of exercise that helps against aging is that exercising helps encourage the production of hormones that battle aging. As you get older, you go through hormone loss and you need these hormones to function. These hormones, including the important DHEA, are allies vital in your fight against aging. They work in tandem with exercise to keep you feeling and looking younger.

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