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The blue BOSU Balance Trainer (home edition) looks like the top part of a flying saucer. This simple but dynamic half-sphere is versatile, and can be used “both sides up” to improve your balance, burn fat, strengthen your body and help you get fit. Used widely in professional gymnasiums and by personal trainers, the blue half ball is constructed of durable material which guarantees years of use. If you are looking to get the most out of your workout regimen or exercise program, then you should give the home edition Balance Trainer by BOSU a closer look.

Key Elements of the BOSU Balance Trainer Home Edition

  • Foot pump included
  • Includes 4-in-1 workout DVD
  • Improves flexibility and balance
  • Maximize your cardiovascular workout
  • 24.6 x 24.6 x 6 inches (62.5 x 62.5 x 15.2 cm)

What Makes the BOSU Balance Trainer Home Edition a Smart Purchase?

Also called a BOSU (both sides up) ball, this large, half-sphere can be used in a number of exercises. Note that the elderly, injured and otherwise physically limited individuals have been known to use the BOSU Balance Trainer to exercise and recuperate effectively.

And for physically fit individuals, this fitness training device invented in 1999 has a wide range of uses as well. Several world-class athletes and sporting leagues, such as the United States Ski Team, have endorsed the BOSU Balance Trainer and use it to improve their speed, agility and balance.

The base part of this half-cut inflatable ball measures just over 24 inches in diameter (62 cm). Included in your purchase is an inflatable foot pump. You also receive a workout DVD which includes 2 exercise programs from the Xplode Series DVD, the BOSU Balance Trainer home edition and a handy user’s manual.

There is a pro version available, which is roughly $40 – $50 more expensive than this unit. However, previous purchasers on Amazon have given this model 4.5 / 5.0 stars after buying and using it. For home workout and exercise programs, the BOSU Balance Trainer is both effective and value priced.

This home edition model comes equipped with special rubber “feet”, which prevent it from moving or slipping in the dome-up position. This helps limit the possibility of injury, and also let you focus on proper exercise technique.

Recommended for users that weigh up to 300 pounds. One point mentioned by several buyers concerns inflating the ball. Your user manual tells you to use the foot pump to inflate the BOSU Balance Trainer to “about 10 inches.”

However, multiple purchasers recommend inflating the ball until it is 9 inches in height, and then trying it out. If it still feels less than full, you can add a little more air, but the most effective use is achieved when the ball is inflated to between 9 and 9 1/2 inches high.

Priced at around $100, the the BOSU Balance Trainer home edition is an extremely versatile piece of fitness equipment. Its rugged hard rubber construction guarantees years of physical fitness use, and makes it a smart purchase for home fitness fans of any age and any level of conditioning.

Appropriate for everyone from elite athletes to kids to weekend warriors trying to stay in shape, the Bosu balance trainer helps you strengthen and coordinate several major muscle groups, including the muscles you don’t see. The Bosu targets your core muscles–the muscles around your abdominal and back area–while you perform a host of different workouts, from squats and bicep curls to lateral shoulder raises and hip extensions. As a result, you not only gain strength, trim, and tone, but also improve your balance and coordination along the way. In addition, Bosu training helps strengthen the mind, with thoughtful movement that requires the participant to not only be physically involved, but also “here and present” with the mind fully engaged. By combining physical and mental focus, Bosu training will boost your performance across a wide continuum of activities, including sports, recreation, and daily tasks.

The Bosu home trainer comes with a workout series on a single DVD to help get you fit, along with a foot pump and exercise manual. The DVD workout series starts with the Calorie Combustion Workout, which combines step routines with sport-specific moves to get your heart rate up and your muscles challenged. The Long & Lean Workout follows a different formula, with master trainer Chalene Johnson leading you through Pilates-inspired movements that emphasize total body toning, so you feel stronger, taller, and younger. Finally, the Absolutely Abs Workout concludes the Bosu package. In this final workout, master motivator Greg Cook unlocks the Bosu dynamics to maximize your range of motion and take your ab workouts to the next level.